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Our Cutlery Pocket Materials

White Duniletto® cutlery pocket
Granite grey Bio Duniletto® slim cutlery pocket
Bordeaux red Sacchetto® Dunisoft® cutlery pocket
Black Sacchetto® slim cutlery pocket
Eco brown sealable Sacchetto® cutlery pocket
Granite grey Sacchetto® tissue cutlery napkin


Duniletto® offers the ultimate linen look and feel with soft, pre-folded, embossed, thick Dunilin® material exclusive to Duni, giving you quick and convenient table setting and the advantages of linen without the laundry hassle.

Bio Duniletto® Slim

Hygienic and convenient napkin pocket with a linen look and feel. Features an innovative glue binder manufactured from corn, lemon, and other excess food waste – the next generation in sustainability with the same premium quality you’ve come to love.

Sacchetto® Dunisoft®

Delightfully soft for colourful moments, this cutlery pocket offers strong absorbency that lasts the whole meal. It comes in 8 colours and includes a 33x40cm Dunisoft® linen feel napkin for a premium feel.

Sacchetto® Slim Dunisoft®

A slim paper pocket with a pre-inserted napkin, and an additional opening to insert cutlery. Avoid the napkin blowing away with the weighted paper protection. Includes a 20x40cm Dunisoft® linen feel napkin.

Sealable Sacchetto®

Fully sealable to create an additional hygiene barrier for your customers. Preload with cutlery ahead of table service. Option of Dunisoft® linen feel or standard 33x33cm 2-ply compostable napkin. Available in 5 colours and two sizes.

Sacchetto® Tissue

Prepare in advance for quick table setting ahead of peak serving hours. Ideal for informal meals and casual dining. Add your own branding and style with custom print. Includes a 33x33cm 2-ply tissue napkin.

Top 5 Tips To Speed Up Service

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The Importance Of Table Settings

Table settings play a crucial role in creating the perfect dining experience. Not only do they set the tone for the meal, but they also play a practical role in ensuring that guests have everything they need to enjoy their food.

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Looking For Inspiration?

Printed dark blue napkin pocket on table with coffee
White linen feel cutlery napkin pocket on white restaurant table
Sealed cutlery pocket being held by customer
Red bordeaux napkin pocket with tissue next to full restaurant meal
Close up shot of grey cutlery napkin pocket with cutlery
White napkin pockets set on restaurant table with table runner
Cutlery napkin pocket on table