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Explore Our Table Cover Ranges

Round cream tablecloth at a hospitality event
Green slipcover on outside terrace for outdoor dining
Table runners on a restaurant table
Decorative placemat and napkin on a restaurant table
Cream table skirt used on a table at a buffet
Banquet roll on a long table for a wedding

Tablecloths & Table Covers

Effortlessly enhance any dining occasion whilst also creating a sanitary barrier between surfaces and cutlery with Duni table covers and tablecloths. Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes including round, square and rectangular.


Slipcovers give you the hygiene and aesthetic advantages of a partially covered table in moments. Available in a wide variety of designs and sizes from crisp white to floral, why not experiment with a different look on each table?

Table Runners & Tête-à-têtes

The smart choice if you don’t want fully covered tables. Connect guests with our pre-prepared hygienic and fresh table runners. Mix it up with different colours or run along the length of a table to make your centrepieces stand out.


A hygienic and convenient way to protect tables whilst elevating the look of your restaurant space. Quick to reset for the exact number of places needed.

Table Skirts

A table skirt covers the sides of the table and hangs down the edge of the table to the floor, giving you a seamless look. They help hide any unsightly flaws to create a refined and sophisticated appearance with useful hidden storage underneath the table.

Banquet Rolls

A great solution for large-scale events and parties. They significantly reduce both setup and clean up time, and work well as a base to other tableware such as table runners. Available in a wide mix of designs and colours, there’s a look for every occasion.

Why Disposable Isn't A Bad Word

Single-use tableware has often been criticised for its impact on the environment but, this old-fashioned view disregards the significant advancements and benefits that the products have undergone, especially in the hospitality industry in recent years.

The Importance Of Colour

The way we perceive our dining experiences can be influenced by colour in fascinating ways. The right colour has the potential to enhance customer satisfaction, stimulate their appetite, expedite table turnover, and create an illusion of more spacious dining areas.

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Looking For Inspiration?

Woven eco geometric design placemat with food
Colourful table runners on a outdoors restaurant table
White tablecloths on restaurant tables for breakfast
Decorative placemat with matching napkin
Group of friends dining at a restaurant
Table runners and napkins on a set restaurant table
Banquet table with gold table runners for a celebration
Red table skirt at a buffet
Colourful blue design print table runners in a restaurant
Grass placemats on a restaurant table
Tropical placemat and cutlery napkin pocket in a restaurant
Green banquet roll for outdoor event
White tablecloth on a buffet table for an event
Napkin and cutlery on large placemat and table runner
Green design slipcover in a restaurant