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What Is Airlaid?

Airlaid napkins are known for their high absorbency and softness, making them a popular choice for use in restaurants, hotels, and other food service establishments. Made without chlorine or other harmful chemicals, they are available in a wide range of colours and designs to match the aesthetic of any business. Discover the true benefits of airlaid.

Why Disposable Isn’t A Bad Word

Although many people assume that linen napkins are more environmentally friendly than single-use napkins, the opposite is actually true due to the high carbon footprint associated with laundering and transporting traditional linen. Our linen feel napkins are FSC®-certified, ensuring a green choice for both your day-to-day business and your events.

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Looking For Inspiration?

Bordeaux red linen feel premium napkin
Blue and white check towel linen feel paper napkin
Waiter holding colourful linen feel napkins on a tray
Festive grey design linen feel napkin on restaurant table
Pink linen feel napkin on a restaurant table
Grey linen feel napkin in formal fold on a banquet table
Breeze mint blue design napkin held by customer
Kiwi geometric design napkin on a matching placemat
White linen feel napkin with red border on a restaurant table
Terracotta coloured linen feel napkin on coordinating placemat
Blue seaside linen feel napkin design with coordinating table runner
Premium linen feel cream napkins on a round table for a wedding